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Although my Jupiter is in the 5th house, I’ve never won the lottery. How come? Thanks for your reply, as detailed as possible please. Vittorio.

The 5th house represents surplus, the energy that must be consumed daily through entertainment, movement and sport. As a consequence Jupiter, absorbing the characteristics of the house, tends to favour these sectors, bringing luck in these types of games. In short, it makes it easier to win in sport-related gambling, such as the football pools, horse racing totalizators etc., entertainments like charity draws, tombola etc. I don’t know about the lottery and I don't have sufficient case studies to place it in a certain house or in a specific sign.

Your radical Jupiter lies in trigon to the Sun and Pluto which, both being male, govern your luck in games and/or with strictly male contacts. But I think what limits your chances of winning, as well as the opposition of Jupiter to Neptune, is the fact that the Sun is located in the 2nd house, the house that represents earned money, thereby facilitating income from work. The aforementioned opposition drives the “love” for gambling and, sometimes, also an addiction to it, whatever form it takes, but it brings losses more often than winnings because your emotions and perceptions, which in your case are also accentuated by Jupiter, located in Pisces, prevent you from trusting your feelings, with the result that you change your numbers or bets at the last moment, and don’t act on what you first thought. Venus, forming quadrature to Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and the 2nd house, also helps undermine your good luck.

The beautiful trigon that Jupiter forms with Pluto ensures that your back is covered from the financial point of view and Neptune, trigon to the Moon, brings access to funds, symbolically speaking, from the house and/or a woman.

In conclusion, I would say that luck does not play a part in your gambling, which, for you, is an adventure, one that is worth experiencing because it is a source of intense excitement that allows you to rise up in exultation, fantasising, only to fall back into sadness and disappointment.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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