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General characteristics of Virgo

Perfection - diligence

The typical Virgo is blessed with a rational mind and an analytical and deliberate nature that allows them to organise their lives down to the tiniest detail. The tendency to keep every aspect of reality under control derives from their deep fear that their instinctive side provokes within them because they see it as a source of turbulence, disorder and instability. A practical intelligence, critical faculties and attention to detail are the gifts that nature bestows on those born under this sign. They are constantly seeking improvement and perfection in every area of life. Precisely this tendency, in addition to being the cause of an enormous expenditure of energy, makes them inclined to take the analysis of the details to excess, to the detriment of the wider picture. One defect is an exaggerated tendency to be touchy and irritable when subject to criticism. The main characteristic of the individual Virgo is diligence: tirelessness, alertness, great manual dexterity and the seriousness with which they take any activity forward often mean they are towers of support, indispensable figures in the workplace. Subjects will apply this attention to detail even to taking care of their own bodies, lovers of health and hygiene that they are. When the typical Virgo falls in love, the most important aspect of their partner will be their intellectual ability, their physical appearance coming under consideration only later. Moreover, they will tend to concern themselves with the practical side of life as a couple, to the detriment of the emotional and psychological aspects.

Professions: They will be drawn to all the dependent professions associated with chemistry, technology, medicine, the conservation of food, information technology, making or repairing watches, measuring instruments of various types (barometers, meteorological equipment etc.) and musical instruments, string or percussion.

Glyph: the symbol is an “M” whose third stroke turns in and down.

  • Zodiac degrees: 150°- 180°.

  • Earth sign: Neutral.

  • Y: primary domicile.

  • Mercury: base domicile.

  • Uranus: exaltation.

  • Physical: intestine, hands.

  • Colour: grey.

  • Minerals: silica.

  • Plant: apple trees, valerian, jasmine, invidia, millet, chicory, honeysuckle, wheat, barley, rye, oak.

  • Scent: sandalwood.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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