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Vademecum dell'Astrologia individuale

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: 2008. Only in Italian version.

From Freud onwards, we have known that three forces exist in Man: the Ego, the Id and the Super Ego. From this premise, the author inquires into the Zodiac, the “totality” of the individual. In that sense, the Ego corresponds to the signs, which dictate how it appears and reveals itself. The Id is connected to the aspects between the planets, which represent the inner energy that makes an individual tick, and is the springboard for their actions, allowing them to distinguish themselves from others. Finally, the houses symbolize the Super Ego, indicating in their turn the journey that everyone of us must make in life - birth, adolescence, partner, family, retirement, old age and death. An inevitable sequence of events that is exemplified in the analysis of the first of three birth charts that the author includes at the end of the text, in order to present three different approaches to reading charts.​


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