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The Symbolism of the transits

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: May 2005; Second edition: February 2011 Reprint: November ‘05 March ‘08

In this book, the author explains the planetary transits and describes the fundamental rules that must be applied to interpret them correctly. An in-depth inquiry into the symbolism of the aspects of transits of the slow planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which represent the psychological direction that the individual follows, and which induce the subject to modify their life or confront new situations. Just like mental preparation conducted gradually over time, the periods of transit of the three planets are similarly slow. The half-slow Saturn, on the other hand, reflects the capacity of the individual to carefully assess the circumstances and to be mindful that the changes being made are completed in the best possible way. Jupiter further reduces the time for action by the individual, determining the degree of difficulty or luck that they will experience in confronting events. The fast planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, which mark almost precisely the days in which the individual reacts to or experiences the events, are described in a practical and brief manner. ​


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