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General characteristics of Taurus

Harmony - Possessions

The typical Taurean has a practical mind-set, faithful to their own ideals and resolutions, which drive them to persist in their endeavours, taking them forward calmly, with deliberation and reflection. This, together with a capacity for working tirelessly and great resistance, makes a firm basis for lasting success. Above all, Taureans seek serenity and harmony, which often mean succeeding in obtaining a certain economic security that allows them to enjoy life’s comforts, eating and drinking with people who are dear to them. Amorous relationships are fundamental for the individual Taurean; when they fall in love, they live in symbiosis with their partner, who almost becomes an extension of their body and whom, therefore, the Taurean will try their utmost to look after, to give them the best in terms of well being, be it spiritual or material, but in exchange they will want to possess them, and for this reason, jealous scenes are never far away. The suffering that the Taurean endures when a love affair ends is considerable, precisely because it is as if they have had a part of their own body cut away from them. The typical Taurean tends to create their “own” territory, allowing in only those people they want, with whom they will share occasions, emotions and feelings and from whom they will gain security in exchange. However, the greatest security that the Taurean will find is when their financial situation is positive and stable.

Professions: artisans, parfumieres, cooks, restaurateurs, photographers, models and any work to do with pictures, song, or eyes (opticians, manufacturers and retailers of spectacles and telescopes etc). Medicine, with the wholesome intention of curing or easing the suffering of the sick.

Glyph: the symbol represents the stylised head of the animal.

  • Zodiac degrees: 30° - 60°.

  • Earth sign: Feminine.

  • X: primary domicile.

  • Venus: base domicile.

  • Jupiter: exaltation.

  • Physical: the nose, the throat, the vocal chords, the neck, sight.

  • Colour: green.

  • Plants: vervain, myrtle, lily, lilac, beet, flax, white cabbage, daisies, pumpkin.

  • Scent: rose.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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