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Stefano *

In my birth chart, Uranus is "isolated" in the 2nd house. Does this mean that it does not exert or receive any effect from other planets or houses? Stefano

Yes, an isolated planet, alone, situated in a sign-house, which does not interact or react with anything, should always be considered a loose cannon that is triggered or extinguished depending on the transits it receives. Personally, I have found that people always have difficulty in “using” an isolated planet or light in all the contexts of life because it usually tends to operate with the rest of the radical planets and aspects since it comes more easily and naturally to it.

But I do not consider your Uranus in the 2nd house isolated because, for some years, I have always drawn and interpreted birth charts by examining, as well as the usual aspects, also the quincunx, semisextile and semisquare: with this system, as you can see from the graphic, Uranus forms harmonious quincunx with Venus and with the Medium Coeli, a neutral one with Jupiter and a semisquare with Neptune. The latter aspect is not important because it is generational, even though, at times, it can create some unease over the decisions you take or are subject to, concerning the surrounding social group and the clan. The quincunxes are more important because the first is connected to Venus and represents the need to express and receive love through touch, solidity, adding a little opportunism and originality and, sometimes, diminishing the possessiveness and passion of your Venus in Taurus and in trigon to Pluto. Venus in the 9thhouse also favours romantic adventures with faraway people or those who you occasionally meet during journeys, be they geographic or mental.It also indicates good manual ability, which you may also express in the artistic field, as well as in daily life.

The quincunx with the Medium Coeli represent dynamism, organisation and speed in carrying out work especially when some new project is begun, but, above all, symbolises the capacity for emotional detachment, given that you tend to consider the environment in which you work as a “family”, with its loves and hates, which allows you to take the most appropriate decisions.

The quincunx, harmonious as signs but neutral as houses, more importantly, between Uranus in the 2nd house and Jupiter in the 6th house, reflects the importance of the image, understood in all its manifestations, and so also physically: how to present yourself, how to take care of your body, but also as a photographic object, as a visual memory etc. From the economic point of view, it curbs the need you sometimes have, depending on the emotion of the moment, to spend a great deal on acquiring beautiful things or to please loves ones. But, above all, it indicates an increase in living standards, which you will succeed in attaining.

translated by Nick Skidmore

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