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I know that Pisces represents a sensitive and romantic sign but the more I get to know my partner, the less he matches these characteristics:how come? Stefano

The Sun represents the individual's masculine side, which has the peculiarity, especially for men, of affirming the ego through work, so that all his sensitivity, restlessness, anxiety, as well as his imagination and perception, are channelled in this way. Emotional susceptibility is represented by Venus, which, in his birth chart, is in Aquarius and in the 7thhouse, and so is dominated by Saturn-rationality, which leads him to carefully weigh up any gesture or demonstration of affection, especially when he feels sure of his partner’s love. This can be difficult for you who, with Venus in Cancer, love attention, tenderness and cuddles but, if it is any consolation, you can be confident that your partner, once sure that you are the love of his life, is unlikely to leave you or pursue other women.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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