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General characteristics of Scorpio

The Unconscious - the Hidden

The typical Scorpion is very inclined to maintain a strong bond with reality. They are curious and unstoppable in their determination to penetrate the hidden side of people and situations, which they analyse with great lucidity, concentrating on anything that seems obscure or difficult to reach. They are extremely intelligent and tend to be individualistic, with considerable sex drive and a great appetite for competition, even if they keep it hidden, especially on the intellectual plane. However, they tend to fall victim to their own acute intelligence, which can become the source of obsessive fixations. In the area of relationships, the individual Scorpion will tend to be quiet, studying unobserved the behaviour of others in order to build up the fullest picture possible. Once they have achieved that, they will begin to make their presence known and with the passing of time will assume a leadership role. This role will be assigned to them in a natural way, thanks to their presence and shrewdness in helping the group to skirt round obstacles. They are destined to be surrounded by friends but hated by enemies. They love a challenge, possess a marked taste for the dramatic and the fictional, and will easily succumb to the fascination of the occult and matters connected with death. They are irresistibly attracted to transgression and mystery and will always be open to black, almost macabre humour. The typical Scorpio is blessed with an innate, overflowing eroticism that is expressed through the choice of clothes and through gestures. This fascinating magnetism encourages the individual to have relationships with different partners, which ensures they are constantly on the verge of tragedy. They are therefore attracted to rather sinister, or at least complicated, figures, who continually stimulate them, taking them from the most sublime joy to the deepest suffering. They express their affection in an extremely passionate way and, because they are intimately aware of their own tendency towards infidelity, they often turn out to be jealous partners.

Glyph: the symbol depicts an “M” whose pointed tail points upwards. The first two strokes of the letter stand for the stylised pincers of the Scorpion, while the last symbolises the poisoned tip.

Professions: Butchers, investigators, psychologists, gangsters, insurers, owners and employees in the catering field. Jobs connected to the petrochemical industrial are typical of the sign. Dustmen or any work connected with refuse. All activities connected with crime: detective, police officer, secret service agent or a member of the special forces, criminal psychiatrists and finally authors of thrillers and horror stories.

  • Zodiac degrees: 210°- 240°.

  • Water sign: Masculine.

  • Pluto: primary domicile.

  • Mars: base domicile.

  • Mercury: exaltation.

  • Physical: exocrine gland, male genitals, anus.

  • Colour: black

  • Plants: mugwort, apple trees, heather, prune trees, horseradish, broad beans, pear trees, wormwood.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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