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General characteristics of Sagittarius

Freedom - research

The typical Sagittarian has a jolly, optimistic and curious nature that drives them to embark upon all the paths that open up to them during their earthly journey, without the slightest worry about finishing what they’ve started. What excites these subjects, in fact, is the act of experiencing a new, unknown feeling that opens up unexplored horizons that stimulate them intellectually and prompt dreams of great glory and gratification that the experience might bring. The actual realisation of the course of action in question is irrelevant since they are always ready to take on new ones. It is precisely this nature, this eternal and unshakeable thirst for knowledge that makes the individual Sagittarian a born researcher, a pioneer par excellence. Honest and generous by nature, they love the security of rules and wellbeing. Their preference is for a harmonious life together with their dear ones but, above all, they love freedom and open spaces that allow them to escape and constantly grow. Social contacts are notable for the enthusiasm invested in them -the subject is engaged in a perennial search for travel companions with whom they can share marvellous adventures, be they tourism, sport or a search for culture. Their excessive optimism, however, bears the seeds of the troubles that typically assail them: they often tend, in fact, to express this characteristic as ingenuousness, and it is this that causes them sometimes to feel betrayed. Moreover, their good-natured need to dole out advice and throw themselves into realising the projects of others frequently risks becoming an annoying intrusion. The typical Sagittarian is warm and generous towards their partner and can be a splendid companion through life, someone with whom to share all the happy events, as well as the painful ones, but it is indispensable for them to have their need for freedom respected, as well as their thirst for “adventure”, both emotionally and sexually.

Glyph: the symbol represents an arrow pointing upwards, whose inclination indicates the departure from a low point towards a target on high, that is, the human form rising towards the peaks of spirituality, leaving behind it earthly passions.

Professions: those connected with universities, from lecturer to assistant; philosophers, researchers. All activities connected to travel: representatives, interpreters, tour guides, those who run a travel agency, import-export managers or any profession which has contacts abroad.

  • Zodiac degrees: 240°- 270°.

  • Fire sign: Neutral.

  • Jupiter: primary domicile.

  • Neptune: base domicile.

  • X: exaltation.

  • Physical: legs.

  • Colour: deep blue.

  • Plants: nutmeg, pine, agrimony, woundwort, hollyhock.

  • Scent: aloe.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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