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General characteristics of Pisces

Flight - infinity

The typical Pisces has an instinctive mind, and their emotional sensitivity and receptivity makes them capable of anticipating the feelings and wishes of others. This helps them prepare themselves psychologically to share life’s occasions and those happy and optimistic emotions, just as it helps them organise their defence or flight if they detect bad temper, tensions between others, or conflictual situations, exactly because they so detest violence in all its forms, and so they either evade it, surrender or flee. They are vulnerable to moodiness, to their own feelings, especially if they are among the people they care for. In this case, the subject’s mind is bewildered by a thousand emotions that invade the heart, feelings that very often are conflicting, precisely because of this capacity to absorb everything transmitted by the environment and other people. The individual Pisces, awash with all these feelings and emotions, needs to find “security” in order to assuage their anxiety. This prompts them to immerse themselves in society, helping the needy, the sick, the handicapped and drug addicts, feeling themselves to be of use; or else they tend to isolate themselves in a world of their own, where they give rein to fantasy, romanticising about people or events, or throw themselves into some discipline such as Yoga, Reiki, Astrology; or they volunteer to help the people of developing nations. They are always trying to reach Paradise and may do this through art, ranging from painting to sculpture, from music to dance, but also by the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking.

Zodiac degrees: 330° - 360°.

Water sign: Feminine.

Neptune: primary domicile.

Jupiter: base domicile.

Moon: exaltation.

Physical: The feet.

Colour: iridescent blue.

Plants: maize, elm, thyme, clover, hay and all marine grasses.

Professions: medicine, in particular infectious diseases and allergies, microbiology and immunology, but also specialists in alternative medicines such as naturopathy and homeopathy. All professions involving the treatment of the disabled, drug addicts or psychological ailments. Artistic activities such as musician, dancer, painter and architect, but also professions connected to the house or to children. All jobs that have to do with travel, with faraway places, but also those who conduct research, especially in the medical or literary fields. But also bar tender, sommelier, swimming instructor, swimmer and plumber.

Glyph: this represents two stylised fish bound together, swimming in opposite directions. This image reminds Man that wherever a cycle ends, another immediately begins. It also reveals the coexistence of the conscious and unconscious within the individual. Indeed, we have already seen how Neptune represents the first, most superficial, layer of the unconscious.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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