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My story

During the same year, in autumn, I thence began the astrology correspondence course held by the Capone school of Torino, having Anna Realini as a teacher, 'cause I wanted the confirmation that what I had learnt was correct, after that in 1980 in Padova Lisa Morpurgo opened her school courses, held by Anna Mosca, and I attended them for two years studying on the “Introduzione all'Astrologia” (Introduction to Astrology) text, and in Autumn of the same year I luckily had the chance to meet Lisa Morpurgo while she was assisting at her 2nd Congress. Ten congresses took place afterwards, and I never missed one. At the end of '91 I wrote her a letter to answer a personal question she had asked Sirio's readers (Sirio was the magazine where Mrs Morpurgo wrote at the time) and where she asked why readers, when asking her a question, were also trying to give her the answer. My letter upset her so much, that she answered me personally at home, that she rarely did, and from then began a correspondence or better a “dialectical duel” that I ended after three letters. Nevertheless, from the astrological point of view, I'm still thinking that Lisa Morpurgo was the best one. In '92 I began to hold astrological courses and little by little my students developed the discipline, the best ones remained forming a group with which I drew up some reports and we gave life to the 1st Astrology Symposium in Verona in 2000. Astrological notions were increasing more and more, I seemed like a sack that keeps on filling, and so pressed to be obliged to empty it otherwise I couldn't learn anything more; so I felt the need to write and thus I started with “Luna-Saturno: La dualità dell'essere” (Moon-Saturn: the duality of being): at first a simple report, that I sent to the IV National Contest “Voci Nuove” (New Voices) announced by CIDA in April 1996, that was awarded much to my gratification and was greeted with applauses from the audience. I was thus spurred to go on and in Autumn '99 the book was ended, but nobody wanted to publish it. It remained on the back burner for a year and a half, but meanwhile I sent two chapters of the book, following the advice given me by the astrologist Grazia Mirti, to the 2nd National Contest “Serena” and in June 2000 I got the 3rd award presented by Serena Foglia.

I also found the Pagnini Martinelli Press and with my contribution to half the necessary expenses for publication, the book was printed. Meanwhile I came into contact with the parents of premature babies and besides the doctor, Daniela Danieli, that worked in the neonatology department, became pregnant and had more time to give over to me and in that occasion was born the “Prematuri alla luce degli astri” (Prematures in the stars' light) report that in June 2000 I expounded during the Mediterranean International Congress of Astrology, held in Mykonos, Greece. The contacts with these parents were widening enough to have a family in which for three generations babies were born prematures: but actually generations had become four, because even Lina, from the third generation, had born a premature male baby. Their personal experiences were so absorbing that my report turned into a little book (Born Prematurely) that was printed, without contribution from mine, from Pagnini Martinelli Press in December 2001. The same year on November 20th at the request of Grazia Mirti and CIDA, Italian Centre of Astrological Disciplines, together with their contributors, I gave life to CIDA-Verona: once a month we met to hold round table discussions, conferences, open lessons and Symposiums. Supported by National CIDA we get the chance to invite to Verona distinguished astrological names such as Grazia Mirti, Dante Valente, Marco Pesatori, Lidia Callegari, Marco Gambassi, Erik van Sloten, only to name some. A great note of thanks, especially to the newspaper journalist and writer Michela Pezzani and Stefania Marchesini, to the astrologists Franca Castagnini and Laura Danese. Last but not least, our webmaster Michele C. In 2001 I came into contact with the victims' family members and the accused of the air disaster happened in Villafranca in December '95 and after having been listening to their personal experiences for six months and analyzed their accident dynamics I decided to try and write something: so the book “Cronaca astrologica di un disastro aereo” (Astrological chronicle of an air disaster) was born, that I finished the year after and looking forward to find a new publisher, because the distribution of the previous books was very low, I met Isabel Jimenèz Martin, that translated my book in Spanish; so I could send it to Geocentric Contest, Premios Mundiales de Investigacion astrologica 2003: on December 7th in Valencia I received the Mention de Honor from the President Don Josè Luis Carion Bolumar.

In June 2002 I took part to the 2nd Turinese Conference with the report “Mercurio e i pianeti lenti“ (Mercury and the slow planets) while in June 2004 I laid out on my report “Quel virilone di Marte ...” (The great virility of Mars) analyzing and explaining some aspects of sexuality.

During the Uran and Saturn transits trigon to my Mercury radix my book “Le Simbologie dei transiti” (The Symbolism of Astrological Transits) has been fecundated, feeded and finished; according to the two planets' hints, it was assumed to be basic, clear and handy. From a psychological point of view those transits spurred me to write it speedily and to be independent even for the publication, just to refuse compromises and censures from the two publishing houses that were interested to print it. At the end of May 2005 the book was showed to the audience, that was so enthusiastic that even within six months a reprint was necessary. The work was well reviewed. In early June 2005 I took part in Bilboa, Spain, to the XXII Congreso Iberico Internacional de Investigacion en Astrologia to which I'd been invited as a candidate for Abbadie Prize, with my report “Sucedaneo amoroso” while in the end of June 2006 I took part to the XXIII Congreso in Gijon with my report “Simbologias de los aspectos Luna-Neptuno en el tema celeste” As I said at the beginning of my story, with the first passage of Saturn which, transiting on my birth position, formed once again from the ninth house the conjunction with Medium Coeli and the sextiles to Mercury in the tenth house and to Uranus in the eighth house, I undertook the study of Astrology. It was long ago in 1979, a period when courses and textbooks for the neophyte were extremely rare, and this lack encouraged me some years later to decide that, in so far as I were able, I would write a self-instruction manual. Only with the second passage of Saturn on the birth position did I succeed in turning my old dream into reality, creating “Handbook of Individual Astrology”. In the thirty years since then, I have been able to learn the theory, apply it in practice and finally go back to the theory again to draw some conclusions.

The cycle of Saturn, as I wrote in the book “The symbolism of Astrological transits”, causes us to retrace the same steps, to relive the moment of birth, albeit in a different way, since, in the interim, the slow planets have changed position, and provide a new context. In this book I illustrate the rules that in my view are fundamental, essential and indispensable in order to enter the world of astrology; I refer to the Zodiac, which contains the three fundamental elements: the signs, the planets, and the houses. The constellations represent the Ego, that is the exterior behaviour of each one of us, the way we project ourselves, the way we appear to others. The aspects between the planets, on the other hand, represent the Id, in other words the interior energy that animates us and allows us to distinguish one from another. The houses, finally, symbolise the Super-ego, that is to say the journey that each one of us must undertake in life, from birth through adolescence, relationships, family and retirement, until we come to old age and death. In describing the houses as the Super-ego, I am modifying the way they’re usually seen, especially regarding the dialectics of the fifth and eleventh houses, since my long astrological experience has allowed me to compile statistical evidence that leads me to conclusions at variance with the traditional reading. The book continues with three examples of birth charts, of which the interpretation of the first closely follows the rule of the consequentiality of the houses. I have not spoken of the planets in the houses and the signs, nor even of the radical aspects because their treatment would be so lengthy as to require a book for each one and I’m not sure I would ever succeed in finishing the task. I hope at least to write the book “Self-knowledge: the Sun the Moon and the Stars”, which I consider of fundamental importance in the interpretation of the birth chart, and which many people have already long been waiting for.

In 2009, I wrote a book, “Astrology and Homosexuality,” with Mirko Negri, which, as well as being a great opportunity for sharing astrological knowledge, was an intriguing and fascinating study of lives conducted outside the traditional social norms, and, as a result, complex and difficult but full of affection and emotion.

In 2012, I began to write for the astrology monthly Sirio, answering readers' letters. The volume of correspondence multiplied month after month and, in February the following year, I began writing the column "Astrology School”.

In September 2012, I began to work on the second edition of the book “The Symbolism of Astrological transits", adding a chapter dedicated to the interpretation of the transit of the quincunx.

After resigning from the CIDA, I continued to organise meetings and seminars and, together with a group of students, I pursued fascinating research into Lilith.

From October 2014, all the books in Italian, in English for the word "Premature" and "The symbolism of transit" and in Spanish for the word "Astrological Investigation" are published on-line in the I-tunes Store publications.

2015 - In June, I finished writing the book “Self-knowledge: the Sun, the Moon and the Stars”. I regard this book as my masterpiece but it was also a cross I had to bear because it took a full 13 years to finish. I began to write it aboard a ship bound for Greece and my pencil wrote down the thoughts in my mind so quickly on the page that I thought I would soon finish it. But it then remained in the drawer for many years and only the spur of having to write a monthly summary of “Astrology Lessons” in the Sirio column forced me to find the time to complete it. As it says on the inside cover:

“This book is a manual that is suitable both for beginners and experts in Astrology, as well as all those keen to understand human nature, because it describes the psychological characteristics of the various personalities, whose imprinting is symbolized by the union of the Sun, the male archetype, and the Moon, the female archetype, with the other planets.

It is a journey in search of the self, one that starts at birth and continues through all the various stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so on … the aim of which is to teach us to know and accept ourselves, since it is only by knowing our limits and our strong points that we can ever attain peace and fulfilment.”.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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