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General characteristics of Libra

Choice - Beauty

The typical Libran is distinguished by an attitude that inclines towards the rational and logical, which allows them to assess, in an extremely detached way, any and every situation, discussion or person, digesting every aspect before venturing an opinion. This tendency to always seek the absolute truth, however, makes them subject to a certain insecurity and often they find difficulty in taking a decision. The individual Libran is gifted with a profound sense of justice which, when they themselves are the victims, shows itself in an overly severe, strict and selective attitude. In the event it is those close to them who are being persecuted, they will become their implacable defender. Interpersonal relationships are where Librans most readily find self expression. They deal with people with tact, delicacy and elegance, trying to avoid running the risk of ever hurting their neighbours: precisely because of this characteristic, they are constantly surrounded by numerous friends, to whose judgement they are exceptionally sensitive, because of this need for continuous self-affirmation. The cohabitation of Saturn and Venus, two planets of very different types, in the sign of Libra, reveals that the individual is bedevilled by a duality in their emotional lives: they must tackle the difficult task of giving expression both to their rational side, tending to want everything under control, and also to that Venusian emotionality, which demands freedom, social contact, and above all, to be guided by instinct. The result of this interior discord is introspection, whereby feelings are always filtered through reason, but, on the other hand, this also allows the individual to make well thought-out choices, ensuring long-standing relationships.

Professions: all types of handicrafts, from sartorial ability to artistic talent. Anything to do with clothing and associated professions, from the seamstress to the tailor, and the great fashion designers. Art exhibitions, love for poetry and artworks. Contractual activities of all sorts: professional associations and trades unions.

Glyph: composed of a line whose upper parallel forms a semi-arch. It recalls the Egyptian glyph for scales.

  • Zodiac degrees: 180°- 210°.

  • Air sign: Feminine.

  • Venus: primary domicile.

  • X: base domicile.

  • Saturn: exaltation.

  • Physical: The liver, gall bladder, the kidneys, the skin.

  • Colour: pastel colours

  • Plants: roses, lilies, violets, cress, strawberries, lemon balm.

  • Scent: galbanum.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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