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La conoscenza di sé: interpretando il Sole, la Luna e gli astri.

Published: 2016. Only in italian version.

2015 - In June, I finished writing the book “Self-knowledge: the Sun, the Moon and the Stars”. I regard this book as my masterpiece but it was also a cross I had to bear because it took a full 13 years to finish. I began to write it aboard a ship bound for Greece and my pencil wrote down the thoughts in my mind so quickly on the page that I thought I would soon finish it. But it then remained in the drawer for many years and only the spur of having to write a monthly summary of “Astrology Lessons” in the Sirio column forced me to find the time to complete it. As it says on the inside cover: “This book is a manual that is suitable both for beginners and experts in Astrology, as well as all those keen to understand human nature, because it describes the psychological characteristics of the various personalities, whose imprinting is symbolized by the union of the Sun, the male archetype, and the Moon, the female archetype, with the other planets. It is a journey in search of the self, one that starts at birth and continues through all the various stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so on … the aim of which is to teach us to know and accept ourselves, since it is only by knowing our limits and our strong points that we can ever attain peace and fulfillment.”.


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