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General characteristics of Gemini

Eternal youth - intelligence

The typical Gemini possesses a brilliant, precocious, quick and astute intelligence that drives them to live for the moment, to react rapidly and suddenly and to find the right solution to the problems they run into.The curiosity that is typical of the sign prompts them to take an interest in everything around them, but precisely because of this excessive expenditure of energy, they run the risk of gaining only superficial knowledge.The ready intellect and the rapidity of the reflexes are the instruments that are used in relating to contemporaries and the people in their social circle, which for the individual Gemini is of fundamental importance: their companions are drawn from among those who share their curiosity and taste for “play”, characteristics of the way they relate to reality that come through in all circumstances. The need for friendship is satisfied more by the quality of the relationships than by their quantity. Indeed, the cheerfulness and the desire to have fun that mark them out rule out the depth and the capacity for selflessness that friendship sometimes requires. The typical Gemini feels extremely divided between two poles: on one side, there’s the instinctive, emotional and uninhibited nature (Pluto-histrionic) and, on the other, lucid and rational, in command of themselves and devoid of sentimentalism (Mercury-cerebral).This dualism is the cause of the misapprehension that ascribes great insincerity to the individual Gemini: in reality, they live honestly between the two poles, their only problem is failing to reconcile them.

Professions: journalism and anything to do with the mass media, public relations and advertising. Commerce in general, but especially computer, Hi-Fi equipment, CD or musical instrument shops.Communications: the postal service, telephones, computerized communication.Short-haul transport and workers such as taxi drivers, bus drivers and railway workers, but also those who work in or own driving schools or travel agencies.Electricians, electronic engineers.Ear, nose and throat specialists, lung specialists, physiotherapists, elementary and secondary school teachers, but also educational workers in summer camps, boy scouts’ leaders.

Glyph: it is formed of two parallel strokes, above and below, closing off the two horizontal lines that symbolise time and space.

  • Zodiac degrees: 60° - 90°.

  • Air sign: Neutral.

  • Mercury: primary domicile.

  • Y: base domicile.

  • Pluto: exaltation.

  • Physical: the nervous system, the arms, breathing, connected both to the bronchi and the lungs.

  • Colour: grey.

  • Plants: vervain, laurel, lemon balm, couch grass, honeysuckle, millefeuille.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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