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I was involved in a love affair that started and ended badly, so I had a look at my natal chart to see if I am destined for a life of solitude. I was a little alarmed to see Uranus in the 7th house and the quadrature of the Moon with Venus and Mars in the 12th house. Will I remain alone? And, if I marry, will it end in divorce? Thank you. Fabiola.

Lisa Morpurgo, whom I consider the greatest Italian astrologer, in her book "Astrology Lessons – the Nature of the Houses”, states, with regard to Uranus in the 7th house:“…. marriage never takes place, especially if Neptunian-Aquarian values prevail over time, or it breaks up, after a period of time that can be measured by the transits, or decided by the subject, if Uranus is helped, or decided by the spouse, if Uranus is even partially afflicted..”

For many years, I agreed with this rule but, one day long ago, it began to crumble when a sixty-five-year-old lady, whose natal chart presented Uranus in the 7th house in opposition to Mars in the 1st house, told me: “My marriage lasted for forty years and I would say that I was happy. The first 10 years were difficult and, more than once, I packed my bags and went home to my mother but, every time, my husband came to get me back, telling me that he could not live without me."

Since then, I have seen Uranus in the 7th house many times and of every type, mirroring the situations of couples of every kind, who, speaking statistically, have undermined my faith in the first part of the Morpurgo rule, because marriages or partnerships are formed, some last and are still continuing after 20-40 years, others break up in order to form new ones, even 3 or 4 over a lifetime, while other people remain alone. On the other hand, I have noticed that a very high percentage of couples separate if, at the time when the partners get together (first kiss or declaration) or get married or decided to live together, they have Saturn in a negative transit on Venus or its luminaries. This agrees rationally with the interpretation of the Zodiac since, given that the marriage contract or the bond of partnership is represented in the 7th house (inhabited by Venus and Eris in domicile and Saturn in exaltation), it is Saturn-law that symbolized the duration or otherwise of the union.

I have outlined all this, dear Fabiola, to explain to you why, in my opinion, you should not fear Uranus in the 7th house, since it is not he who symbolized the cause of solitude or a divorce. To see this, it is important to analyse the entire natal chart and, above all, the transits at the time a relationship is entered into.

In your natal chart, the emotional problems are symbolized, above all, by Pluto, which is in opposition to the Mars-Venus conjunction in the 12th house and in quadrature with the Moon, which causes a blockage between your emotional-passionate-sexual side, which you may not completely accept, and your rational side, symbolized by the Moon in Capricorn and the neutral quincunx that it forms with Saturn and by the Venus-Mars conjunction in trigon to Saturn, which means you tend to try to keep everything under control and analyze every gesture, every feeling. Your male prototype corresponds to a man who is apparently virile, Sun in house 1, but who is temperamentally female, Sun in Taurus and in harmonious quincunx with Neptune, which is affirmed in the working life, dissonant Sun quincunx with Pluto in the 6th house and, through it, not always present in daily life, Sun in opposition to Uranus and in quadrature to Saturn. A man whom, given the Saturnine values, you may encounter only in adult age, from 35 years onwards.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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