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My relationship with women is a disaster:one day they adore me, as if I were a magnet, the next they despise me. After one failed marriage and respective divorce, despite my best intentions, in the future will I find a woman with whom I can have a long-lasting relationship (living together or matrimony)? Thanks you in advance. Fabio.

The Moon symbolises relations with the female world, the prototype of which is that of the mother, which the man unconsciously adopts and manifests mainly in the relationship he establishes with his partner.

The Moon is so stimulated that it prevents you from experiencing a clear prototype of reference and, at the same time, displays a significant maternal model, difficult to replace and overcome. The light is positioned in the 7thhouse, the house of matrimony, which, for men, represents the possibility of having to assume the role of partner with regard to the mother. This position also drives you to rationally desire a stable and long-lasting bond with a partner but, simultaneously, it is contradicted, unconsciously, by the conjunct that the light forms with Neptune. This aspect, as well as symbolising your sensitivity, also indicates your difficulty in sustaining a “forever" relationship, with the consequence that you tend to link up with elusive or distant women.At the same time, it gives you the ability to communicate your emotions, so to engage with them as friends and confidants and, on one hand, this pleases you but, on the other, frustrates you since you need, Moon in Scorpio and in sextile with Pluto, to experience a passionate, sensual, complicated and competitive relationship. The sextile with Uranus confirms the need for a partner outside the traditional moulds, someone who is dynamic, organised, original and decisive.From these predominant aspects, an interior prototype emerges, which finds adjusting to marriage or cohabitation difficult, unless you find and/or choose a partner who, through work or any other reasons, can move away, even for short periods, from married life: a need that you have but that, in the end, you project on your partner. Finally, your Moon forms opposition to Jupiter in the 1sthouse and a sextile to the Mercury-Venus conjunct, aspects that I consider exterior, since they act on apparent behaviour.For example, the former can be manifest in the tendency to repress your desire to be at the centre of things in order to please your partner; it can also demonstrate the fear or the reality of seeing your savings diminish, because of her or because you shower her with gifts. On the other hand, the sextile enables you to establish immediate relations of gaiety, tranquillity and communication.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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