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I’m writing to you on behalf of my grandchild, called Alessio, born in March 2011: he is a Pisces Ascendant Aries with Moon in Libra.He’s a very lively child, bright, nice and sunny.Can you do me a psychological portrait? Thank you, Maria Luisa.

Dear Maria Luisa, thank you for your question, which gives me the chance to express my thinking in this regard.When people ask me about the natal chart of a child, aged from 0 to 10 years, I answer with another question:“Does the child have problems?“ If the answer is no, I tell them that it is better not to do it or, if they really insist, that I can look in general terms and so superficially at the peculiarities of character, but I believe it is more useful to make a comparison, albeit superficial, between the Natal Chart of the child and the Natal Charts of the parents to see the similarities and the contrasts because, especially in the case of the latter, these can be acknowledged by the parents and so changed .

For example, I remember a mother who, with the Moon in Gemini, had and still has a very fast pace in life and in communicating this, while the baby, being Taurus, would have had a slow pace. After having confirmed this, she organised herself and was happy, she told me, that she had learned to leave him to his own pace and that, in the morning, the most difficult time to overcome, she got up an hour early so that she could cuddle him in bed, get him up and dressed slowly, thereby starting the day calmly. If, on the other hand, the parents reply that the child has problems, nutritional or any other kind, then I consider the natal chart and its transits, in order to focus on the reasons for the disorder, in order to help try and resolve it.

Once a lady told me that she had consulted various types of doctors and administered various medicines to cope with the acute asthma attacks that her son suffered at that time and, not seeing any improvement, asked me if it was possible to find out the reason. The child who, in the natal chart, had Saturn in Taurus and in the 3rdhouse, in opposition to the Sun-Mercury conjunction, located in Scorpio and in house X, is subject to respiratory fragility and, in that period, Saturn, bearing all its radix symbolism, was transiting in Cancer in the 6thhouse, forming quadrature with Venus in Libra in the 8thhouse. I told the mother that the child felt emotionally abandoned and, above all, felt unease at not having that continuous daily affection which gave him a sense of security, advising her to make some time, even a little, as long as it was every day, to be dedicated exclusively to her son.Indeed, she told me that, because she had changed job, she had not been able to do that but that she would try to do more in order to improve the health of her child, which she later told me had been successful.

I gave that example to confirm that Astrology is also useful when it comes to children, but what I don’t think is “healthy” is to tell the parent of a newborn baby or small child how deep the bonds are that unite them, especially negative ones, since these arise from the instinctive-loving behaviour, dictated by their own interior experience and no knowledge can change that. There is no Super-Ego Saturn able to dominate the libidinous energy symbolised by the aspects that Pluto forms with the luminaries and/or with the fast planets.

In other words, if a parent is told that the child needs approval and trust, he may rationally try to give these to him but, unconsciously and/or through gestures, he will not be able to convey them, unless they are part of his inner self, and this can provoke in the child, in addition to the aforementioned problem, also insecurity, due to the contrasting feeling of apparent esteem and profound distrust, which it receives from the parent.

So, to return to your grandson, dear Maria Luisa, I can only confirm what you have written, that is that he is sunny, lively and sociable:Ascendant Aries with Jupiter and Mercury in house I, sensitive, dynamic and original, Sun in conjunction with Uranus in the 12th house.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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