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General characteristics of Capricorn

Power - calculation

The typical Capricorn has a rational mind-set, with which they prepare themselves for life, confronting any challenge and, as masters of their own destiny, when their ultimate goal in sight, they will defend their autonomy and individuality from anything that threatens them. They can seem selfish precisely because of the categoric, decisive and single-minded way they maintain their distance, or their rationality, in order to reach their pre-established goals; but, in reality, they are ruled by a sense of fairness: everything must be weighed up and assessed, and everyone must be given what’s due to them, and not an ounce more. Their way of dealing coldly with matters, characterized by an absolute lack of sentimentality, may alienate them from the warmth of family and friends, but is indispensable in their professional lives, in bringing even delicate tasks to a successful conclusion, tasks that demand determination, the ability to command and make sound judgements. The individual Capricorn possesses exceptional resistance that allows them to meet any event, any new experience, calmly and with self-control, even in the face of difficult and painful situations, which they bear in silence, thanks to their patience, which is their greatest virtue. Career is without doubt the most important sector for the typical Capricorn, and they succeed in distinguishing themselves, step by measured step, until they reach a prestigious position, bringing to it that innate ‘calling’ to power.

  • Zodiac degrees: 270°- 300°.

  • Earth sign: Masculine.

  • Saturn: primary domicile.

  • Uranus: base domicile.

  • Mars: exaltation.

  • Physical: The spinal column, bones, buttocks, haunches, the coccyx.

  • Colour: black.

  • Plants: dock, coltsfoot, hemlock, deadly nightshade, black poppy.

Glyph: the glyph depicts a deity with animal form, whose upper part represents a goat, which is the symbol of the conscious part of Man, while the lower part, a twisted fish, represents the subconscious.

Professions: Collectors, restaurateurs and antiquarians. Any activity connect to the law, from the highest level, such as magistrates, lawyers, notaries and secretaries to the most humble, such as errand boys or office cleaners. Also those professions regarding fashion, beauty and selecting personnel. Librarians, or those who have something to do with books; surgeons and dentists.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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