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Astrological Chronology of an air disaster.

Publisher: Cerchio della Luna; Published: 2004.

Only version in Italian and Spanjsh. ​

Winner in December 2003 of the Mention of Honour at the National Congress of Astrological Investigation at Valencia, Spain, organised by the Gracentro Association.

This book is a detailed investigation into the tragedy that occurred on December 13, 1995, on the runway of Verona’s Catullo airport when a Banat Air Antonov 24, bound for Timisoara in Romania, crashed during take-off, causing the deaths of the passengers and the entire crew. A dramatic page of history with disturbing repercussions that are charted by the author with great sensitivity. The inquiry is a very detailed examination of the sources, and the factors behind the disaster, which are compared with the birth charts and transits of the victims, their relatives and those held responsible, as well as the plane and its history, in order to arrive at an analysis of the transits of the planets that had a bearing on those sad circumstances. ​


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