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Astrologia e omosessualità

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: 2010. Only in italian version.

Co-written with Mirko Negri In the book, the authors retrace the planetary aspects and positions that significantly predispose the individual to homosexuality. This study, free of any sort of moral judgement, arises from the analysis of the birth charts of more than three hundred homosexuals, male and female, in comparison with the horoscopes of the same number of heterosexuals. Is it possible to establish someone’s sexual orientation from their birth chart? The analysis of the horoscopes of more than three hundred homosexuals, men and women, has allowed the authors to retrace the most significant planetary aspects and positions. The data was compared with that for groups of heterosexuals in order to more profoundly understand the differences and similarities. The opinions of many famous astrologers and the leading medical theories have been brought together in the book in order to compare them with the results of the research. This study, free of any sort of moral judgement, tackles the world of sexuality in all its complexity from the astrological point of view, and discovers the astral characteristics of those who practice bondage or frequent gay bars, who decide to change their sex or live as bisexuals, as well as investigating why some artists become gay icons.


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