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General characteristics of Aries

Impulsiveness, competitiveness.

The typical Aries is blessed with an impulsive, ardent and courageous mind that spurs them to confront any obstacle head-on, in order to dominate and conquer it, or bend it to their will. They must be challenged continuously in order to have their superiority, be it real or imagined, repeatedly confirmed, and so fully enjoy that sense of personal affirmation. Battles, contests - these are the most important incentives that bring them the sort of life they deems worthy but they are also the cause of their greatest expenditure of energy. Consequently, rationality, the ability to reflect and think things through, is missing. They like to command, to dominate others and for this reason, if the circumstances of their lives contrive to make them subordinates, employees, they’ll find it difficult to take orders. The individual Aries conducts sentimental relationships by instinct and acts on impulse, driven by the passion that their hearts transmits to them, and, because of this, they may get together with others, or with a partner, in the greatest haste, without really considering the commitments they are about to enter into and, as a result, often end up disillusioned. The course of their lives is charted with great enthusiasm, great cheering, only to be followed, however, by great let downs and great estrangements: a disjointed, volatile journey but one lived for the moment, full of vitality.

Professions: typically male sports, such as the martial arts, football, horse racing, motor racing, motor cycling. Activities such as selling or making outfits or sports clothes. Any job connected with means of transport, such as cars, trucks, motorbikes and scooters. All activities connected with the military such as arms and missile manufacturers, and matters relating to armies; health workers and doctors, surgeons and specialists in orthopaedics, sexology or odontology.

Glyph: representing the stylised horn of the Ram.

  • Zodiac degrees: 0° - 30°.

  • Fire sign: Masculine.

  • Mars: primary domicile.

  • Pluto: base domicile.

  • Sun: exaltation.

  • Physical: The sign represents the head, the teeth, the penis and muscles.

  • Colour: Red.

  • Plants: sage, olive, fern, hollyhock, primula, carnations, thistle, burdock, nettle, onion, rhubarb, pepper, holly, gorse, hemp, poppy.

  • Scent: myrrh.

  • Animals: ram, rooster.

  • Metal: iron.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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