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General characteristics of Aquarius

Innovation - diplomacy

Aquarians possess a rational, dynamic and innovative mind that spurs them to take great interest in the affairs of the day and the future, especially if they concern the wider community, and noble ideals. The accommodating spirit of the individual Aquarians allows them to readily adapt to the many and various situations they encounter during their lives, to which they react in a spirit of accommodation, avoiding comparisons, arguments and direct confrontations since they are convinced that more is won with a diplomatic phrase than a fight. Aquarians are dynamic individuals whose actions are measured, and in every situation they will first investigate and assess before passing to action, coming up with unusual or original solutions which allow them to achieve the best results with the minimum effort, the minimum expenditure of energy. Friendships are of fundamental important to Aquarians, and they naturally get close to people extremely easily, establishing relationships based on an affinity of mind and ideas, but also on a practical level, enjoying spending time together, sharing cultural and intellectual interests or helping others. These friendships are a source of new stimulation and continuous, mutual enrichment: otherwise, the stagnation of the relationship will cause them concern, and their need for satisfaction will spur them to find new directions. However, if relationships change from friendship to something more intimate, more loving, they become more complicated, precisely because their niceness, their diplomacy, facilitates superficial relationships that leave an emotional void within them which, sooner or later, will be sensed by their partners.

Professions: Airplane pilot, astronaut, Formula One diver, but also any other work that is connected to those sectors, such as mechanic, manufacturer, designer or service attendant. Jobs such as electrician and related areas, and those who work in the computer field, from programmers to computer sales. The chemical sector, from doctor to laboratory assistant and chemist; but also diplomatic activities, ambassadors and those who work in the field of public relations, any work related to Uranus.

Glyph: the symbol represents the Egyptian pictogram for water, repeated.

  • Zodiac degrees: 300°- 330°.

  • Air sign: Neutral.

  • Uranus: primary domicile.

  • Saturn: base domicile.

  • Neptune: exaltation.

  • Physical: circulation of the veins, going from the periphery to the heart.

  • Colour: blue

  • Plants: snakeroot, mountain ash, incense, myrtle, rosemary, spikenard.

  • Scent: euphorbia.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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