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Antonietta Silvia

Dearest Carla, I am Antonietta Silvia ’85 and would like to know, in your opinion, which of my 2 names is really mine, seeing that close relatives and my wider family call me Silvia but I prefer Antonietta.I am very confused about it and, sometimes, I no longer know who I am and how I should introduce myself.Only Antonietta is in the records because I had Silvia deleted, but I would like to know your thoughts on the question.Thank you in anticipation of your reply.

Looking at your natal chart, dear Antonietta Silvia, what strikes me is that your real problem is not your name but the deep conflict within yourself and with your dear ones. Your remarkable rational and intuitive intelligence, Mercury in Gemini in trigon to Pluto, which, although highly imaginative, allows itself to be obscured by emotion when encroached upon by your ego, Mercury opposed to Neptune in house I, will allow you to understand and metabolise this.Moon and Venus, which symbolise the feminine nature and affection, are in opposition to Pluto, indicating the love-hate relationship, the acceptance and rejection, that you have experienced since childhood, primarily with your mother and the other female figures in the family clan. Antithetical feelings that, growing, are deeply rooted and stop you accepting yourself, as shown by your confusion over your name.Antonietta is that part of you that you accept, which you find creative, plucky, impulsive and innovative, Moon in Aries, in the 11th house.On the other hand, Silvia represents the part that you reject, because she is destructive, masochistic, dejected and struggles to break with routine, to shake off the “rules” of family affection, Moon-Venus in opposition to Pluto, and, when she does so, this is accompanied by a sense of guilt.

The 6thhouse also symbolises bureaucracy and, since your Pluto is positioned there, indicates your willingness to affirm your power bydeleting Silvia from the records, even though she remains within you since she is a living part of you, a part you should begin to accept and love because only in this way will you be able to live serenely and truly know who you are.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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