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I am a self-taught astrology enthusiast and a very faithful reader of Sirius, born on 22/8/76, so sign of Leo, cusp with Virgo? I have often found myself at odds when reading and interpreting monthly horoscopes, perhaps because I was born on the cusp. What do you think?Why not include a few lines every month for those born on the cusp?Help me.Thank you so much in advance, hopeful of an answer, given that I am a little in one sign, a little in the other. Thank you.Roberto.

Generally, in astrology, those who, like you, are born at the end of one sign or the start of another are known as born on the cusp, with the consequence that the interpretation is “amalgamated” between the two signs that are divided by the cusp (see graphic). Some astrologers consider the value of the orbital margin for the cusp to be ±3°.

Personally, I believe that, if the Sun is at the end of the sign, such as, for example 29° 29’ of Leo, like yours, or at the start of another sign, such as 00° 03’ of Virgo, the person should be considered in the specific sign in which the Sun is located because the overall birth chart is of fundamental importance and this is what characterises the person.

The weekly, monthly or annual predictions are drawn up taking account of the position of the Sun and then of the sign and so it becomes difficult for many people to recognise themselves in what the predictions describe, not only for those born on the cusp but also for those who have the Sun in one sign and two or three planets in another. For example, the luminary, which represents the masculine side, work and social contacts, is in Leo in your natal chart and so these areas will be covered in the horoscope, while for Venus-affection, Mars-sexuality and Mercury-intelligence, you must look at the predictions for Virgo, because the aforementioned planets are in this sign. This can be a way of reading that helps the person recognise themselves more in the general predictions. But, in your specific case, don't be surprised if your situation does not correspond with the work predictions because the planets in Virgo are located in house X, the work-career house and so, if you practice a Martian-Venusian-Mercurial type of work, the professional predictions in Virgo will once again match.

The general predictions agree only with those who have more than one planet in the birth sign.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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