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What is the difference between Marts and Pluto in sexuality?Thank you. Alex

The sexuality of Mars, which represents the penis, is characterised by an explosive charge of energy that drives people to seek instant gratification; if this is not possible, they will use all their energy and obstinacy to conquer the object of their desires, overcoming any obstacle and devising various strategies to attain the objective. It is an impulsive sexuality and so open, without rules, the main purpose of which is to satisfy the ego.

Reading the person’s sexual characteristics will then depend on the radical aspects that Mars receives from the other planets: for example, if the planet is positively linked to Saturn, it is here that the “rules”, like loyalty and steadfastness, which are incompatible with Mars, will be fundamental for the individual, despite the tensions they create psychologically.

The sexuality of Pluto, which symbolises the testicles, is deeper and can be defined as more psychological in a certain way, because the sexual imprinting of the individual is traced by the planet in the unconscious, which it represents, and will remain that way for their whole of life. However, Mars’ sexuality reaches its apex between 13-14 years old to 35-40 years old before falling or actually disappearing.

In other words, if, in the birth chart of a male subject, Pluto forms a quadrature to the Sun, indicating self-dissatisfaction and so less energy-sexual desire and, at the same time, Mars in positively influenced, during the Martian age the person will be stimulated to engage in sexual relations, even if a little below par, both at the qualitative and quantitative level, but, with the passing of time, will find sexual activity diminishing or even absent, perhaps compensating for this by practising sports.

If, on the other hand, Pluto is positive to the Sun, symbolising great libidinal-sexual energy, and Mars is negative, in fulfilling their sexuality, a young person may be prey to fears and obstacles but, with time, will learn to become familiar with and accept them, and so overcome them, in such as way that desire-sexual relations will become part of their life.

translated by Nick Skidmore


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