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General characteristics of Leo

Pride - loyalty

The typical Leo finds self-expression in a decisive, sunny and deeply proud personality, if not a downright exhibitionist nature, the latter characteristic sometimes coming through to excess. They are innately generous, loyal and courageous and their integrity is so pronounced that in certain circumstances it can exclude any compromise as a solution. Independence is the indispensable condition for achieving happiness. Indeed, the sense of freedom, maintaining their cool and their faith in themselves allow them to confront any obstacle, sure in the knowledge that they will be able to overcome it. Since they are so sure of themselves, they succeed in relating to others in an optimistic way and are masters at seeing the good side of everyone, which speaks of a nature that is free of pettiness. Should such an individual be denied the chance of using up the enormous quantity of energy they are blessed with, the excess is at risk of being transformed into disproportionate faith in themselves and their abilities, predisposing them to megalomania and arrogance. Their Achilles’ heel is the need always to be admired, a flaw that continuously exposes them to the risk of falling victim to adulation of any type. In their emotional relationships, the typical Leo is passionate: they love sincerely and generously, but sometimes, when pride gets the upper hand, there’s the risk of becoming despotic and selfish, causing their partner no little suffering.

Professions: managing bars, nightclubs, cabarets and circuses. All professions that are connected to camping, including the scout movement. However, the subject is suitable for any activity provided they succeed in distinguishing themselves, or act in a managerial role of some kind.

Glyph: represents the animal’s tail.

  • Zodiac degrees: 120° - 150°.

  • Fire sign: Masculine.

  • Sun: primary domicile.

  • Y: exaltation.

  • Physical: the heart, the solar plexus, the right side of the body.

  • Colour: yellow.

  • Scent: incense.

  • Plants: cyclamen, oak, lavender, anise, camomile, primula, rosehip fennel, cabbage, parsley, mint, sunflower.

  • Metal: gold.

translation by Nick Skidmore


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