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Carla Pretto

Carla Pretto, is a widely respected astrologer who gives lectures, mini-workshops and seminars on the subject at the national and international level. She also chairs a leading research group.

Carla was awarded a Menciòn de Honor in the 2003 competition Gracentro, Mundiales Premios de Investigacion Astrological in Valencia for her book “Astrological chronicle of an air disaster”.

She is the author of:

  • Moon-Saturn: the duality of being.

  • Study of premature babies from an astrological perspective.

  • Astrological Investigation.

  • The Symbolism of the Transits.

  • Handbook of Individual Astrology.

  • Astrology and Homosexuality, co-written with Mirko Negri.

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via G. Mameli, 116

37126 VERONA

Tel: +39 392 1623767‬

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