General characteristics

The typical Capricorn has a rational mind-set, with which they prepare themselves for life, confronting any challenge and, as masters of their own destiny, when their ultimate goal in sight, they will defend their autonomy and individuality from anything .....


Astrology in a nutshell


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Although my Jupiter is in the 5th house, I’ve never won the lottery. How come? Thanks for your reply, as detailed as possible please. Vittorio.

The 5th house represents surplus, the energy that must be consumed daily through entertainment, movement and sport. As a consequence Jupiter, absorbing the characteristics of the house, tends to favour these sectors, bringing luck in these types of games. In short, it makes it easier to win in ......


Lisa Morpurgo

From the first time I met Lisa Morpurgo, whom I, and not only I, consider the greatest astrologer in Italy, I have been struck by her duality, a characteristic I actually later confirmed in the few letters we exchanged, one that is apparent in her books and which is also present in her birth chart.

Lisa Morpurgo was born in Soncino, Cremona, on the 19th of May, 1923 at 9.30 am, which means she is a Taurean with Leo ascendant, a combination that creates some tension between individuality,  ......

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