In answer to all those who have asked me the very popular question:“What aspects must people have in their Natal Chart to be rich or become so in their lives?” 


The subject is so vast that it would need a whole book to cover it but I will try to give as full an answer as possible in the smallest space possible. Firstly, an introduction should be given, which I consider very important, and it is that food, emotion and money are closely interconnected. Indeed, the planets that symbolise them, Jupiter-Venus, are found in the 2ndhouse - Taurus, which represent the first years of life of the child during which food is provided by the mother, at the same time conveying love, is intrinsically combined with affection; food that the child, once an adult, must obtain by earning money.As a consequence, the monetary relationship that marks it derives from the food-affection experience at that age.  



I would like to ask you to help me understand a situation, which is very dear to my heart:I met a man and we slowly began to see each other and soon fell in love.... but he has been married for around twenty years and has two children. Since he met me, he's calmer and has come back to life ... it wasn't a real marriage almost right from the start, but they went ahead anyway out of’s like a prison from which there is no escape because, unfortunately, he is under his wife’s thumb.

I would like to ask you whether, from our natal charts, you see the end of their marriage and whether we two will have a happy future together. Thank you and I anxiously await your answer. Consuelo


The content of this question, even if expressed in a different way, has been put to me by many women, who make clear the husband's unhappiness in the marriage, of having to stay together only for the marriage, of of having to stay together only for the marriage, of having a wife… a lover who also passes as a victim. But, in most of the cases of which I am aware, the birth charts of these gentlemen do not match ....... 

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