La conoscenza di sé: interpretando il Sole, la Luna e gli astri.

Published: 2016. Only in italian version.


2015 - In June, I finished writing the book “Self-knowledge: the Sun, the Moon and the Stars”. I regard this book as my masterpiece but it was also a cross I had to bear because it took a full 13 years to finish. I began to write it aboard a ship bound for Greece and my pencil wrote down the thoughts in my mind so quickly on the page that I thought I would soon finish it. But it then remained in the drawer for many years and only the spur of having to write a monthly summary of “Astrology Lessons” in the Sirio column forced me to find the time to complete it. As it says on the inside cover: “This book is a manual that is suitable both for beginners and experts in Astrology, as well as all those keen to understand human nature, because it describes the psychological characteristics of the various personalities, whose imprinting is symbolized by the union of the Sun, the male archetype, and the Moon, the female archetype, with the other planets. It is a journey in search of the self, one that starts at birth and continues through all the various stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so on … the aim of which is to teach us to know and accept ourselves, since it is only by knowing our limits and our strong points that we can ever attain peace and fulfillment.”.



Vademecum dell’Astrologia individuale

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: 2008. Only in italian version.


From Freud onwards, we have known that three forces exist in Man: the Ego, the Id and the Super Ego. From this premise, the author inquires into the Zodiac, the “totality” of the individual. In that sense, the Ego corresponds to the signs, which dictate how it appears and reveals itself. The Id is connected to the aspects between the planets, which represent the inner energy that makes an individual tick, and is the springboard for their actions, allowing them to distinguish themselves from others. Finally, the houses symbolize the Super Ego, indicating in their turn the journey that everyone of us must make in life - birth, adolescence, partner, family, retirement, old age and death. An inevitable sequence of events that is exemplified in the analysis of the first of three birth charts that the author includes at the end of the text, in order to present three different approaches to reading charts.​


The Symbolism of the Transits.jpg

The Symbolism of the transits

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: May 2005; Second edition: February 2011 Reprint: November ‘05 March ‘08

In this book, the author explains the planetary transits and describes the fundamental rules that must be applied to interpret them correctly. An in-depth inquiry into the symbolism of the aspects of transits of the slow planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which represent the psychological direction that the individual follows, and which induce the subject to modify their life or confront new situations. Just like mental preparation conducted gradually over time, the periods of transit of the three planets are similarly slow. The half-slow Saturn, on the other hand, reflects the capacity of the individual to carefully assess the circumstances and to be mindful that the changes being made are completed in the best possible way. Jupiter further reduces the time for action by the individual, determining the degree of difficulty or luck that they will experience in confronting events. The fast planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, which mark almost precisely the days in which the individual reacts to or experiences the events, are described in a practical and brief manner. ​



Astrological Chronology of an air disaster.

Publisher: Cerchio della Luna; Published: 2004.

Only version in Italian and Spanjsh. ​

Winner in December 2003 of the Mention of Honour at the National Congress of Astrological Investigation at Valencia, Spain, organised by the Gracentro Association.


This book is a detailed investigation into the tragedy that occurred on December 13, 1995, on the runway of Verona’s Catullo airport when a Banat Air Antonov 24, bound for Timisoara in Romania, crashed during take-off, causing the deaths of the passengers and the entire crew. A dramatic page of history with disturbing repercussions that are charted by the author with great sensitivity. The inquiry is a very detailed examination of the sources, and the factors behind the disaster, which are compared with the birth charts and transits of the victims, their relatives and those held responsible, as well as the plane and its history, in order to arrive at an analysis of the transits of the planets that had a bearing on those sad circumstances. ​


Born prematurely.jpg

Born prematurely


Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: 2001; Second edition: 2008

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This book describes the clinical and astrological journeys of premature babies, more

specifically at the thirtieth and twenty third week of gestation. In particular, the birth charts of babies born around the twenty third week are analysed, involving, for the most part, the births of twins in which the first baby born is nearly always the only one of the two to survive. In the last chapter, the birth charts and moving stories of four generations of premature babies are considered.




Luna-Saturno:la dualità dell’essere.

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published 2000; Second edition 2008

Only in italian version.


This book covers all the aspects that the Moon and Saturn form in the twelve houses in which they find themselves and shows, through the evidence of 72 life stories, the influence of the two planets on the personalities of individuals. Each chapter offers an in-depth treatment of a single house, amplifying the accepted interpretations. “Moon-Saturn: the duality of being” is a handbook of equal value for the expert astrologer and the enthusiast, as its real merit is in focusing, with great clarity, on certain important elements of interpretation.




Astrologia e omosessualità

Publisher: Le stelle di Arlac; Published: 2010. Only in italian version.


Co-written with Mirko Negri In the book, the authors retrace the planetary aspects and positions that significantly predispose the individual to homosexuality. This study, free of any sort of moral judgement, arises from the analysis of the birth charts of more than three hundred homosexuals, male and female, in comparison with the horoscopes of the same number of heterosexuals. Is it possible to establish someone’s sexual orientation from their birth chart? The analysis of the horoscopes of more than three hundred homosexuals, men and women, has allowed the authors to retrace the most significant planetary aspects and positions. The data was compared with that for groups of heterosexuals in order to more profoundly understand the differences and similarities. The opinions of many famous astrologers and the leading medical theories have been brought together in the book in order to compare them with the results of the research. This study, free of any sort of moral judgement, tackles the world of sexuality in all its complexity from the astrological point of view, and discovers the astral characteristics of those who practice bondage or frequent gay bars, who decide to change their sex or live as bisexuals, as well as investigating why some artists become gay icons.


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