Michel De Notre-Dame

He was born in Provence on December 14, 1503, at mid-day to a Jewish family. In that era, Jews were regarded with great suspicion, and the government was trying to force them to move to another State, or convert to Catholicism, as, indeed, Nostradamus' family did.

Agatha Christie compared with Stephen King

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Agatha Christie was born in Torquay on the fifteenth of September, 1890, at 4am.

The Sun was then positioned in the methodical and precise sign of Virgo, just on the cusp between the first and second houses. The position and aspects .....

​Dorothy Parker

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Dorothy Parker was born on the twenty second of August in 1893 at 9.50pm in the West End of New Jersey. But, in my opinion, the true hour of her birth must have been half an hour later when the Moon had moved ....

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