Having established and confirmed that Astrology works and works well, it remains to be decided why it works, the rational explanation, the scientific, or the most scientific possible, premise. It is said that Astrology is based on the analogy between macrocosm and microcosm and, it seems to me, it is worth examining this concept further, insofar as that is possible. In my opinion, ......

How to read the hidden sides of a personality in a birth chart.


What cannot be seen, that which is hidden, immediately directs the thoughts of those who understand astrology to Scorpio and the eighth house; therefore, anyone with strong Scorpion aspects in their chart, or where the eighth house .....

Birth charts for marriages


This research is aimed at: 

all those seeking verification of the connection between astrology and the “events” in all our lives;

those who are new to the subject but want to start to get to know it; .....

She Him and ….. Surrogate Lovers.


When someone loves, let’s say, coffee, but for various reasons is unable to enjoy the pleasure of that particular beverage, “delightful” in its specific characteristics, hour by hour the “need” grows for something “similar” with which to substitute it: a surrogate.

So it is in the life of a woman, when, for reasons that lead back to manifest .....

Sexual fetishes


The title of this article must be clarified before I begin to explain the types of problems that I examined. The interpretative astrological explanations that we give to such phenomenon, studied both by ....

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