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Dearest Carla, I am Antonietta Silvia ’85 and would like to know, in your opinion, which of my 2 names is really mine, seeing that close relatives and my wider family call me Silvia but I prefer Antonietta.I am very confused about it and, sometimes, I no longer know who I am and how I should introduce myself.Only Antonietta is in the records because I had Silvia deleted, but I would like to know your thoughts on the question.Thank you in anticipation of your reply.


Looking at your natal chart, dear Antonietta Silvia, what strikes me is that your real problem is not your name but the deep conflict within yourself and with your dear ones. Your remarkable rational and intuitive intelligence, Mercury in Gemini  ....... 


Some time ago, in a book on Astrology, I read that small animals are represented in the 6th house, while large animals are represented in the opposite 12th house. I would like to know what you think of that. Thank you. Carola


This concept comes from classical Astrology, which placed animals in these two houses, due to the dependence that is created between them and human beings: personally, I think that is a little ......



I was involved in a love affair that started and ended badly, so I had a look at my natal chart to see if I am destined for a life of solitude. I was a little alarmed to see Uranus in the 7th house and the quadrature of the Moon with Venus and Mars in the 12th house. Will I remain alone? And, if I marry, will it end in divorce?Thank you. Fabiola.


Lisa Morpurgo, whom I consider the greatest Italian astrologer, in her book "Astrology Lessons - the Nature of the Houses”, states, with regard to Uranus in the 7thhouse:“…. marriage never takes place, especially if  ....



What is the difference between Marts and Pluto in sexuality? Thank you. Alex


The sexuality of Mars, which represents the penis, is characterised by an explosive charge of energy that drives people to seek instant gratification; if this is not possible, they will use all their energy and obstinacy to conquer the object of their desires, overcoming any obstacle and devising various strategies to attain the objective. It is an impulsive sexuality and so open, without rules, the main purpose of which is to satisfy the ego. ......



In my birth chart, Uranus is "isolated" in the 2nd house. Does this mean that it does not exert or receive any effect from other planets or houses? Stefano


Yes, an isolated planet, alone, situated in a sign-house, which does not interact or react with anything, should always be considered a loose cannon that is triggered or extinguished depending on the transits it receives. Personally, I have ......


I know that Pisces represents a sensitive and romantic sign but the more I get to know my partner, the less he matches these characteristics:how come? Stefano

The Sun represents the individual's masculine side, which has the peculiarity, especially for men, of affirming the ego through work, so that all his sensitivity, restlessness, anxiety, as well ......



My relationship with women is a disaster: one day they adore me, as if I were a magnet, the next they despise me. After one failed marriage and respective divorce, despite my best intentions, in the future will I find a woman with whom I can have a long-lasting relationship (living together or matrimony)? Thanks you in advance. Fabio



Dear Carla, I am writing to you about this question, which was posed a few evenings ago on the TV show "L'Eredità”:which, of Gemini, Scorpio and Libra, should be considered a feminine sign.It seemed obvious to me that this referred to Libra, the answer that the contestant actually gave. The negative response, according to which Scorpio is the feminine sign, puzzled me and so I am putting the question to you. Can you clarify the matter for me? Thank you. Gabry.


If I had been the contestant, my impulse would have been to answer in the same way and I would have been dismayed at being eliminated. But then, ....... 

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