Searching for the term “Astrology” on the internet, I came across the Wikipedia encyclopedia  which writes: “Astrology …. is a combination of beliefs and traditions, which hold that the positions and movements of the celestial bodies in relation to the Earth can influence collective and individual human events. …

The planets and the aspects have many meanings and their role, for the purposes of a horoscope, is susceptible to the subjective interpretation of an astrologer...”

This seems to be a rather inadequate definition to me, especially when I think of how much studying is needed to learn it. I would like to know what you think of that.Thank you. Luisa.

Thank you for your question, which allows me to deal with a very important matter. I am astonished by the definition given, of which I was not aware. It must have been written by someone who knows nothing of astrology or only knows it very superficially. It should be amended because it is offensive to one of the most ancient disciplines in the word, so dear to illustrious men like Ptolemy, Kepler and Jung, to mention only a few. 

Astrology is based on mathematical and astronomical calculations and, above all, on the knowledge of a precise symbolic and universal language, which enables symbols and archetypes to be deciphered, allowing the personal unconscious to be entered. The deep psychic contents in every one of us are not accessible to the waking consciousness, which, due to a self-defence mechanism, tends to stop them emerging and so, to know and interpret them, man uses certain archetypal images. Symbolism therefore becomes an enciphered, metaphorical language that enables self-knowledge to be accessed, in an indirect and comprehensible way, since the matters brought forth by the unconscious are mostly traumatic, too painful or, in any event, complicated. 

Consequently, the symbols, inasmuch as they are the fruit of the human mind, are the bearers of meaning that is projected in the celestial vault. It goes without saying that it would be extremely misleading and naïve to believe that human destiny is in some way “influenced” by the energy of this or that planet:in fact, for millennia, an image has simply been attributed to the stars, which acquires meaning depending on the position in which it lies in the birth chart. 

The symbolism of the planets, aspects and signs follows basic rules that are valid for all the world's astrologers. Naturally, there are personal differences in interpretation, as with any other subject, from law to medicine etc.Who has not suffered from some illness, for example, and, on consulting two or three specialists, found that each one of them produced a different diagnosis and treatment?

translated by Nick Skidmore

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